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Raspberry Pi 4 and Digital Discovery for beginners...


As a newcomer to the very clever but quite sophisticated Raspberry Pi computers, can anyone provide a worked example of what files (and how) to load into the new Pi 4/8GB please?

The wiki page images are a bit blurred and I'm not sufficiently up to speed to work out from first principles how  to install the Adept2 and Waveforms packages.

(45+ years of working in microprocessor code and hardware development have left me with a real appreciation of RTMF, but my age suggests I could do with a little help, please!)


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Hi @jonesthechip

You will have to download and install Adept Runtime and WaveForms packages.
Depending on the used OS architecture the 32bit ARM (Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu 32bit arm...) or 64bit ARM (Ubuntu 64bit arm)variants.

Install by double-click or from terminal with the commands:
$ sudo dpkg -i digilent.adept.runtime_2.20.1-armhf.deb digilent.waveforms_3.14.2_armhf.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i digilent.adept.runtime_2.20.1-arm64.deb digilent.waveforms_3.14.2_arm64.deb

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