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CoolRunner-II development software


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If you look through the reference manual, you'll find that the CoolRunner II CPLD starter board uses a XC2C256 CPLD (that's the 256 macro-cell CoolRunner II), in a TQ144 package.  I didn't see anywhere what speed grade they placed on the board, so I picked the slowest (-6, vs -7).

All put together, I've attached a screen show showing what your ISE selection window should look like.



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I have confirmed that the speed grade is indeed -7 and have updated the Resource Center to reflect this. The full FPGA part wasn't listed on the Resource Center (I didn't update it since I couldn't figure out an easy way to make it visually look good without having to break that one section into three different lines), but it is XC2C256-7TQ144C. The "-7" indicates the speed grade, and the "C" at the end indicates that it is a commercial grade part. 

I'll work on getting the other FPGA pages updated as I notice them.

Thanks for helping bring this to light.


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