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Looks like my recently purchased Nexys is not working. I plug it into my laptop's USB port. The user guide says that I should see a demo running but the board doesn't respond. Even Vivado does not recognise the board plugged in. I have tried with the provided microUSB Cable and with an AmazonBasics USB cable, both cables are working fine on other devices.

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Does the board have power? Is LED "LD22" lit? The board can get power from the USB port, from a barrel connector, or from a battery/power supply connected to JP3/JP12. You need to make sure the jumpers are set correctly to correspond to the power source you're using. It's marked on the board's silkscreen, so it's easy to check and to set.

Do you have the USB cable plugged into the "Prog/UART" USB port or the "USB Host" port? Your USB cable needs to be plugged into the "Prog/UART" port to supply power to the board and/or program the FPGA.

Also, and this may be too obvious, so excuse me for pointing it out, the board has a power on/off switch next to the barrel connector--this switch needs to be in the "ON" position.

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Hi Jerry,

Thanks for prompt response. My reply is as below

  • No LED22 is not lit. I checked with both microUSB and Barrel Jack with the correct Jumper setting. The result was the same both way.

  • Yes, I have used the Prog/UART microUSB Port.

  • Yes the on board power switch was set to the "on" position

Please let me know if this indicates that the board is faulty so that I can claim my replacement / warranty.

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