I am using the Waveforms software as an oscilloscope and I can see the sample rate, but I need to know how fast it's triggering. I am trying to compare the trigger rate at different trigger levels, which is a number I can get on my normal oscilloscope but I don't know how to get on this software. My only thought was setting up a custom measurement, but I'm not sure what exactly that would look like or if that would work. Thanks for any help!

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Hi @jpaulus

There is no dedicated trigger frequency measurement available.
It was supported very long time ago, but it was not too popular. It was removed and the device resource reused for other features.

Now you could use the following setup to measure the trigger rate:
1. You can connect Trigger 1 to DIO 0 wire.
2. Configure Settings/ Device Manager/ Trigger 1 = Scope Detector.
3. In Logic Analyzer configure Sync capture with Clock on DIO 0
4. Use a Script to measure the time it takes to have certain amount of triggers.

var t =
t = 0.001*( // milliseconds to seconds
print(Logic.Time.Samples.value/t) // rate = trigger count / time



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