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Pynq-Z1 compatibility


Good morning,


I've got a question regarding the compatibility of the Pynq-Z1 board with other programming languages.

From the product's description, the Pynq-Z1 APSoC board "is designed to be used with PYNQ framework. The APSoC is programmed using Python and the code is developed and tested directly on the PYNQ-Z1".

Does this mean that the board is compatible only with the PYNQ Framework ?

Can this board be re-programmed to run other programming languages ? For example, can it be re-programmed using C code ? 

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Hello @stefan5578,

The board has a Zynq SoC  and can be programmed with applications created in SDK (or Vitis) based on C/ C++ languages. Also you can use it with Petalinux.

You can make hardware projects in Vivado Design Suite as with any other FPGA board created by Digilent.

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