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Vivado Hardware Manager does not locate Basys 3 Board as target


Vivado does not want to communicate with my Basys-3 Board. I click the open new target window on Vivado Hardware Manager. I tell it to locate device on local server but it never finds it. The board is continously counting from 0-9 on the LED display. JP1  is on QSP1 and JP2 is on USB. I tried using both the USB-A and micro USB ports to see if my luck would change, but the board is not recognized. I also tried using different USB cables, but Vivado still did not recognize the Basys-3 board. There four wires inside the cable, so it seems like the wires are carrying data right?

Device Manager before turning on the board:



After turning on the board:


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Hi @ElMenudo,

I apologize for the long delay.

The device manager seems to be detecting the board correctly as USB Serial Converter A & B. When you right-click on one of those and choose Properties and look at the Details tab, what does the "Bus reported device description" say? It should say "Digilent USB Device".

Your jumper settings are good; your board is receiving power over USB as per the JP2 connection and the out-of-box demo is running from the QSPI flash as per the JP1 setting. Changing JP1 to JTAG shouldn't affect Vivado's ability to detect the Basys 3 via the Hardware Manager.

Do you know if you have installed the cable drivers as part of the Vivado installation? Which version of Vivado do you have?



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