Glenn Kasten

Curious about Digilent use of .rar files

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I just downloaded the Digilent "Real Analog Solutions" at

and was surprised to see it is supplied as a .rar file, which required some fiddling to find a program to unpack it.

I'm curious ... does anyone know why Digilent prefers .rar over the more ubiquitous .zip format (which is also easier to find tools for)?


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Hi @Glenn Kasten,

I don't know why the solutions are provided in a .rar format; as far as I am aware, everything else on the Digilent website (Wiki site and Github included) that is in some sort of packaged format uses the .zip format. I suspect the solutions are done this way because that is how the solutions were provided to us, but I will ask about getting it changed to a more user accessible version.

Thank you for pointing this out.


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It's been a few month ago, so I can't point to sources, but there were security issues found in the popular ZIP utilities that most of us use. The .rar format didn't suffer from that particular issue. I'm just pointing out that:

  • Choices of selecting a particular utility or format may have a reason that isn't obvious
  • Everyone should stay up to date with security related news. It'll take you mind off of the constant SARS-COV2 news, though you should stay informed about that as well for you own personal safety, but not necessarily help in the search for a good night's sleep.

Glenn's post is a very good one. Do ask why. Being curious is not just for toddlers.


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