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pmod AD1 or DA1 digilent



I have a problem with adding pmod DA1 or DA2 to my IP integrator design when I am working with nexys video board. I downloaded and added digilent vivado library into repository and could successfully design my blocks. after validation when I generate bitstream , I get this warning:


so it does not make a problem until I export hardware and launch SDK. in SDK when I copy the main.c program from examples and paste it in the src It shows me an error on the project file(tt):



after programming FPGA and run the program I get this error:


and finally the program doesn't work. 

is the problem related to my library or it is something else?

Thank you 


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Hello @farzan,

1. The first critical messages doesn't affect your project. It means that the IP was tested with a project that was created with a different board than yours,but this doesn't have any impact on your project, because it is a generic IP that can be used with all Digilent boards.

2. Because you have errors, then the SDK project cannot be build and therefore you cannot program the FPGA. You have to solve the errors first.

The error say that the project you created overflowed the maximum capacity of your allocated BRAM memory with 92408 bytes. This means that you didn't allocate enough internal BRAM memory for the Microblaze processor.

You must go back to Vivado project, select the Address Editor tab, then increase the microblaze_0_local_memory for Data and for Instruction to maximum I think 1MB should work.

Rerun the generation of bitstream and update the Linker Script (right click on the project name in SDK and Generate Linker Script )


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