Possible typo in "low_level_zmod_adc_dac" demo

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I have been following your "low_level_zmod_adc_dac" demo tutorial found at https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/programmable-logic/eclypse-z7/low_level_zmod_adc_dac, and I believe there may be a typo. I copied the TCL commands to check out the project and received a "couldn't read file" error in the TCL command window. The command provided in the demo tutorial is

set argv ""; source digilent-vivado-scripts/digilent-vivado-checkout.tcl, with all hypens. 

However, the scripts from the GIT digilent-vivado-scripts GIT project use underscores in the tcl filenames. Note that the example command shown on the digilent-vivado-scripts GIT project correctly shows the script filenames with underscores.

I believe, "digilent-vivado-scripts/digilent-vivado-checkout.tcl" should be "digilent-vivado-scripts/digilent_vivado_checkout.tcl".

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You're correct. I fixed the typo in the tutorial. Thank you for the feedback!

Were you able to recreate the project when typing the name with underscores?


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