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Wayne Chen

Need Chip Select Tags for Logic Analyzer for Multi-Byte SPI


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Hi Sirs,

Is it doable to add tags of Chip Select when exporting SPI raw data to CSV file? We are not able to tell the data frame when acquiring multi-byte SPI communications. Raw data of my SPI instructions and CSV log were attached.

Multi-Byte SPI Instructions on MOSI:


Exported CSV with MISO data with single-byte and multi-byte SPI commands:


Multi-Byte SPI commands:


Zoom-IN of multi-byte SPI commands:


SIngle-Byte SPI Instructions:


Zoom-IN of single byte I2C commands:


Thank you and Best regards,

Wayne Chen

BIN1_Broadcast.csv BIN1_Broadcast.xml

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Hi @Wayne Chen

For such message decoding you can use the Protocol tool, SPI, Spy.

If you need under View menu you can increase the Max lines.
If you are interested on data of one channel (mosi or miso) you can use Three-wire Mode.


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