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... was wondering how come no one responded to this question at all, oh well...

After a few days of searching and experimenting, including installing Vivado-2017.4, and Googling on this topic no end, today I found another Digilent Forum thread that contains a couple of working project/SDK examples, one of which is on 2017.4.

And after testing to confirm that it can write to flash and boot from USB plugging-in, looked into factors and differences with my own projects, and aside from setting the ext_spi_clk to 50MHz (instead of my 100MHz connection to the same master clock as the axi_clk), the main difference seems to be that I instantiated the internal memory to 128kB while the Hello-World example uses the default 32kB. Might that be the main reason, I will re-confirm by further experiments and comparisons.


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