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Josh Lederman

Part number of NetFPGA-SUME FPGA


Hi! Quick question - in the NetFPGA-SUME documentation the part number of the FPGA is listed as XC7V690T. On the Xilinx website and other online resources, though, the matching FPGA is listed with a part number XC7VX690T, with the X added. I can't find a reference to an FPGA part without the X. Are these the same device? What is the significance of the addition/removal of the X?

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Hi @Josh Lederman,

From what I can tell, it's just an extra letter that Xilinx adds in, but they are the same device. A clear example of this is on the Xilinx Product Selection guide, https://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/selection-guides/7-series-product-selection-guide.pdf, where the Virtex-7 section uses the X in the product name on page 5, but immediately following on page 6 with the device ordering information the "X" in the middle of the device name is not referenced.

I will request that the Digilent hosted pages that mention the full FPGA name get this X included in the name to help prevent future confusion.


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