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Reprogramming Nexys 4/A7 PIC / PIC firmware source code


The Nexys A7 has a PIC24 on it that is used for programming the FPGA from USB stick/sdcard and for translating from USB keyboard/mouse to the PS/2 protocol. It also has a programming port.

It seems like it could be interesting to reprogram the PIC and use it to expose other USB host functionality to the FPGA over the two wires used for PS/2 (probably making space by dropping some of the other features it provides). Accessing mass storage on the FPGA is the obvious example.

Has anybody tried anything like this? Would it be possible to get the firmware source from Digilent?

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Hi @msully4321,

We do not share (though personally I do not know why this is the case) the firmware that is present on the PIC24 as per this forum thread. It probably is possible to reprogram the PIC though to do what you are describing though.


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