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Genesys 2 onboard OLED risk of damage?


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I'm a newbie trying to learn about the Genesys 2 board and would like to program the onboard OLED as an exercise.  I'm following this tutorial

There is a prominent warning that says "Important! Make sure to turn off the OLED display before shutting down or reprogramming your board."  Why?  What will happen if I don't turn off the OLED display and simply turn off the power switch? Will it get damaged? This makes me very nervous to try my own programs since I will probably mess up at some point.  Can someone reassure me that I won't do any permanent damage?


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Hi @jjmcc,

I have improperly turned off the Pmod OLED (which is the same display as the module present on the Genesys 2), and still been able to use it successfully. The main concern is if power is cut to the display while issuing a command to change one of the internal settings since that can potentially cause damage. If the display is passively running/updating, it should be okay.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


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