I just plugged in this board and to test it out. My intent is to use it in a RS422 format, but will need to understand what changes I need to make later.

I've opened up the arduino sketch and uploaded it to my AST-CAN485 from Sparkfun. I modified Digilent's the code so it uses the alternative software serial library. Other than that, it's all the same.

When I run the code and open up the serial monitor, the loopback is actually happening in the hardware. I can unplug the looped wires and still get a message back. So the echo example code seems to not work properly.


Any aid in understanding this would be great.


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Hi @[email protected],

It looks like the demo material written years ago by interns is coming back to bite us. @Ana-Maria Balas is correct in that the buffer is not getting cleared; in this case it is the tempString variable.

I have attached a fixed version that properly clears the variables (and uses different variables for Serial and Serial1 to make things easier to understand/debug), though I do not have a Pmod RS485 with me to test this.

Let us know if you have any questions.




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