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Digital Discovery Failure Rate and Screw Type



I am working on a project where I want to mount the digital discovery (410-338) by removing the bottom 4 screws that connect to the case. I'll then run the screws through some holes on the outside of an enclosure to connect to the digital discovery. The following information would be helpful:

-What is the screw type and length for the 4 screws?

-Is there a recommended torque value?


In addition, is there any available reliability and failure rate data?

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Hi @brhaugen,

I apologize for the delay; I have moved your question to a more appropriate section of the forum.

The specific screw size that is used in the Digital Discovery is an: M2.26 x 0.91 x 10mm. I do not know if there is a recommended torque value to use, though in the interest of not crushing the PCB layers

Additionally (and unfortunately) Digilent does not tend to have any MTBF data for our products.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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