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PmodWIFI on a Basys3 give critical warnings. IP PmodWIFI was packaged for arty and to change my board to match.



Tells me PmodWIFI is packaged with board value arty and to update my basys3 to the arty.  I am confused.

Well hang on a second.  It finished generating a bitstream and I see no critical warnings in the project summary.  In fact if I tell vivado to discard user generated messages in the messages window, the project has no indication of critical warnings at all.

Still confused but closer to my goal.

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Hi @FlyingBlindOnARocketCycle,

Vivado will do that for all of the Pmods since the Pmod when originally designed and tested will have been made with a different FPGA board, but as the Pmod IPs are standalone IPs, the bitstream will still generate. Vivado is just attempting to be helpful by informing you of this, so these sorts of warnings you can safely ignore.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


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