Ravi Kumar

OpenScope MZ returns state:idle for oscilloscope

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I have compiled hex file from here for OpenScope MZ. I have entered into JSON mode and tried to run oscilloscope using documentation from here.

And I am getting this response 

    "osc": {
        "1": [
                "command": "read",
                "statusCode": 2684354573,
                "wait": 0

And I was expecting data as mentioned in the documentation. 

PS: I am not planning on using WavesFormsLive as I need to not only get data but also want to perform calculations using it. 


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Hi @ravikumargrk,

Can you describe what else you have done to configure the OpenScope, such as trigger conditions, and anything else you are doing? Typically this error is thrown while the instrument being read hasn't idled yet. You'll need to issue another read command in that case until the status code comes back 0, with data, or a terminal error.

Let me know the answers the above questions, and we'll get to the bottom of this.


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Posted (edited)

Hi, thanks for the reply 

In this mean time, I was able to find the solution in this forum

I had to use "trigger" token to set trigger parameters for oscilloscope. after which state of oscilloscope changed from "Idle" to "armed".

Same command in documentation : https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/software/digilent-instrumentation-protocol/protocol#set_parameters3
So it was all about not reading manual properly :P

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Refering documentation.

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