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Spartan 3E Starter kit x XPS x internal block


I have an old Spartan 3E Starter Kit and I need to develop an embbeded system.

Such system targets an acceleration for a specific computation process.




To do so, I will employ MicroBlaze for the management process connected to a vhdl block which is the piece of hardware that will perform the acceleration itself according to Figure 1.



               Figure 1 - basic scheme for my acceleration process


The design is being done in XPS (the hardware) and in Eclipse SDK (the software).

In the C software I will employ a send function which will pass to the acceleration VHDL block. The process will be performed and a receive function will gather the result to be presented, e.g., in the LCD.

It is my intention to develop my vhdl block will be specified via "Create and Import Peripheral Wizard".


My problem: I don´t know how can I specify my VHDL acceleration block net ports, i.e., if they are external, or how type I can classify them.


I have examples of how to connect actual peripherals, such as dip switches, leds, LCD. In all these examples, they are classified as "Make External" ones. I go to the .ucf file, insert the respective information, and everything goes fine. But, in my case, as show in Figure 1, my connection to the MicroBlaze is internal, inside the FPGA.


Trying to solve this, I am using a 4-bit integer multiplier as my "acceleration block". This MWE block receives the a and b operands, each one of them with four bits, performs a basic multiplication, and gives an 8-bit result. 


Any help will be appreciated.





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