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Analog Discovery 2 with 4.1 linux kernel power requirements error with newer linux kernels


With the original linux installed on my Beaglebone Black the scope worked but then I installed a newer debian version with a 4.1.22 kernel and now I keep getting an error with scope power:


dwfcmd analoginout.txt 

FAILED: FDwfDeviceOpen

The device needs at least 2W/400mA from USB cable. To satisfy this:

- Try to use different USB cable and computer plug.

- Use the USB plug on the back of the PC, not the one on the front panel.

- Use short cable, do not use long cable or cable extender.

- Use powered USB-hub, avoid un-powered hub.

- Use 5V auxiliary power supply.

USB: 0.01V 777mA AUX: 3.58V 580mA


The Analog Discovery 2 has its own 5V power supply and I use the original cable I don't see a reason why this shouldn't work.

Anyone with the same problem or a solution out there?

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It seems that the USB looses power. This might be due to some USB OTG driver/firmware issue.
On Analog Discovery 2 the USB controller is always powered from USB which requires a minimal current, about 50mA.
Also your 5V auxiliary supply seems dropped too much, to 3.5V

Try using powered USB hub and at least 2A 5V aux supply.

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