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Read Synchronously AWG and Scope Channel in Analog Discover



I have a system receiving a sine wave of one of the analog discovery waveform generator channels.

The sine wave changes when crosses the system and at the end, the modified sine wave is read by the analog discovery scope channel.

The original sine wave starts at t=t0s but the acquitision only starts at t=t1s.

I need your help to try to read, simultaneously, both the modified sine wave and the original sine wave.


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I am sorry, I am not sure about that! I use the WaveForms that is now available in the digilent analog discovery website. 

I don't know if that helps: the result of the connection with the digilent with the Matlab is this


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It seems you are accessing the device from MatLab.
Are you using the WaveForms SDK provided Python or C examples ported to MatLab ?

The Analog Discovery (1) is supported by the Mathworks DAQ Analog Discovery support package. This should provide synchronized transfer analysis (awg -> scope) at limited sample rate, < 1-2 Msps.

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