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I want to build the DaciDemo project in Visual Studio 2010. 

Following the recipes given in "Building and Adept SDK Project in Visual Studio.pdf" one has to add all required paths and the additional dependencies (of course at different locations due to the fact that I am using 2010 and the reference doc is 2008), all libraries and other files get nicely attached.

Nevertheless, the project won't build. There are 10 Error messages , all of the type:

Error    1    error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp__## referenced in function _main    c:\....\visual studio 2010\Projects\dacidemo\dacidemo\DaciDemo.obj    dacidemo

where ## stands for  {DmgrClose, DaciDisable, DaciGetBuf, DaciPutBuf, ...} -  shortly said:  all references to the attached libararies occuring in the project.



In the meantime I found out that changing the library path (in Project Property sheet | Linker | C++Directories|)  from "lib64 " to "lib" will eliminate 8 of the above 10 errors (even though my platform is Win64 :-) ).

Now all external names from "Daci" are resolved but the "Dmgr" references are still left: 



The problem is solved: 

There is an error in the documentation file that comes with the SDK! 

It is NOT enough to include only depp.h and daci.h in the "additional dependencies" as stated in the documentation but one has to include dmgr.h as well.

Obviously, depp.h and daci.h do not include any external symbol to open and close depp resources.


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Hi harald,

Thank you for finding a hole in our documentation and figuring out how to fix it!

I'll definitely pass this on to the appropriate people to make sure the documentation gets updated appropriately.


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Hi harald,

Sorry about the late response, I verified that the turorial generated errors in visual studio 2010. I was able to resolve the issues and the documentation will be updated shortly.

thank you,


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