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u-boot tfpt boot crash


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Hello everybody,

i try load the kernel and rootfilesystem via tftp by u-boot for my CoraZ7 Board.
I had build the u-boot out of the u-boot-digilent repo. Every time u-boot performs a network operation (ping or tftpboot), it looks like it's gonna crash.

If I try the prebuilt PetaLinux and stop the bootprocess at u-boot, every network operation works fine.

I commented out the #define CONFIG_ZYNQ_USB, due to the Kconfig message. Could this be the problem?

regards felix


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The first step is to verify your tftp server is stable via another machine (laptop, desktop etc...).  I setup that first independant of the zynq.  From there you work through the tftp boot and I do the following flow.

1.Set hardware boot settings (jumper) to boot from jtag

2. run xsct and connect to your chip

3. run FSBL

4. download uboot to it

5. execute con to continue to run ARM #0

6. look at terminal and see boot.


Make sure your tftp server has the files you need with the correct names.  As an example, make sure your fpga bitstream is there with the right name or boot will hang.  You can also verify this gets loaded by checking the prog done pin (usually has LED for most dev boards).

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This also could be of help.  This was another member of the Digilent forums helping me with tftpboot


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