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Cora Z7-10 preset notr avialble in zynq block design



I try to configure the zynq7 PS in vivado 19.2 but the used board Cora Z7 is not available in the "Presets List". see screen dump. The board is selectable when I set up a new project.

I tried to import xps settings and addressed the file preset.xml directly from C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2019.2\data\boards\board_files\cora-z7-10\B.0 but "Current Preset: none"

What to do to preset the zynq PS for Cora Z7?



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Hi @hmr,

Add the Zynq Processing System in Block Design. After that click Run Block Automation and make sure that Apply Board Preset is checked. See picture below.


Now the Zynq is configured correctly (see picture below) but the preset does not appear in Preset section (Current Preset: None). I don't know the cause of this issue.


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