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Video processing on zybo z7-20


Hope you all are fine,

I downloaded Digilent/Zybo-Z7-20-HDMI  from https://github.com/Digilent/Zybo-Z7-20-HDMI

I have upgraded the ip's, it was displaying output on monitor. Then I have created the ip of sobel edge detection and added the ip in block diagram. After solving some clocking issues, bitstream has been generated. After launching to sdk, when I Launch on Hardware (System Debugger), output doesn't display.

Below is block diagram, please guide me 


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Hello @bilal,

Please upload a pdf with the block design(right click on the block design in Vivado-> save as PDF file), because the image is very blurry.

You say that after you added the sobel edge detection IP, you don't see anything on the display, then most probably the problem comes from the IP you added. Did you test the IP before adding to block design to see that it is working properly?

Best regards,



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