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Arty A7 Reference Design

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I am working through some of the examples for the Arty A7 device.  The device seems to come pre-loaded with firmware, some simple reference design that makes use of UART, LED's and pushbuttons.

Is there some project I can download to reproduce this reference design?  I am planning to overwrite this in the future, but I also wanted to have a copy.



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Hello @elAmericano,

I don't know which Arty do you have but here is a GPIO Demo(Switches, LEDs, RGB LED's, Pushbuttons, and USB UART bridge) for Arty A7 35 and for Arty A7 100.

Here is the Resource center page where you can find some tutorials and example projects.

Also you can search for a lot of projects on Digilent Github.

I recommend you to start with simple projects like turning a LED in Vivado, so you can become familiar with the environment and Vivado interface.

Then you can use the sources of the projects that were targeted for others boards(not only for Arty A7), only you'll have to change the part number of the board in Vivado.

Please let us know if you need help with something.

Best regards,

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Thanks.  Yes I am familiar with basic demos at this point and am trying to move onto more interesting projects.  I have implemented this demo but it seems to be all written in vivado HDL, with which i have a fair amount of experience coming from ISE.  I was looking for some additional resources for SDK side.  But now that I consider, perhaps even the firmware that the ArtyA7 comes pre-loaded with is likely to be pure HDL.  We can close this question.  Thank-you for your attention, it is much appreciate.

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