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Patterns issues.


Dear support,

I have two problems with Patterns (digital outputs generator). I have already sent similar post via Feedback option in WaveForms menu, but no answer has come.

In both cases I need to generate burst of phase-shifted pairs of pulses (quadrature signals) which idles high.

a) The signals measured on DIO differ from signals drawn by Patterns designer (see "Patterns_pulses_case" project).

b) The phase of Patterns changes when using project with only one pair of outputs (see project "DIO0_DIO3_correct_phase") or with multiple pairs (project "ModulEXT1_DI test") while the outputs pattern configuration is identical.

The scope signals in all projects are yellow= DIO0, blue=DIO3.


Could You try to reproduce/explain a) and b), please?

Thank You

Yours Sincerely

Ondrej Pokorny, ELGAS s.r.o.

DIO0_DIO3_correct_phase.dwf3work ModulEXT1_DI test.dwf3work Patterns_pulses_case.dwf3work

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