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Adding new filter to Embedded Vision Demo project



I am using the Embedded Vision Demo project for Image processing. I created a new filter by creating a new IP core for it in Vivado HLS 2017.4 (for the first time) referring to the filters used in the demo and then exported it. I added the new IP in the Embedded Vision Demo in Vivado 2017.4 and made the required connections followed by generating the block design. I was able to successfully complete all these tasks, however when I try to run the demo using Xilinx SDK 2017.4 (the same way I ran the demo prior to adding new filter) it does not read the switch change in hardware for this new filter thus not showing any results for it. The already present filters work in the same way as before. 

I am new to working with Xilinx SDK and Vivado HLS, kindly guide me if I am doing anything wrong and suggest me if any changes are to be done in the SDK files. 


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I see you added the color_to_hsv IP to the project and expanded the AXI-Stream switches to accommodate it. Make sure the software is modified in SDK to switch to the new stream, when commanded.

If all the other processing block and the unprocessed stream work fine, it must be your HLS IP that is wrong. Make sure to simulate and analyze the IP in Vivado HLS to make sure it performs as expected. Then, you could try debugging the AXI-Stream entering and exiting your IP in Vivado using ILA cores.

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