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Pmod DA4 Stopped Working


One of the Pmod DA4 octal DAC boards we are using in our prototype stopped working.  Basically no outputs.   I replaced the failed board with another board and everything is all good again.   It could have been static, or mishandling during debug so I am not to worried until we have another fail.   But if anyone has any suggestions to help investigate, or have seen this before, any feedback would be appreciated.

This is a entirely an off the shelf development prototype connected with cables,  wires, and hand built connectors boards to verify functionality before spinning custom boards.  



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Hi @mladenik,


I'm sorry your PMOD failed, It's a very long shot to get it work again since it's only one chip and doesn't have extra things. Most likely something wend wrong it it, either from an ESD event or some kind of short circuit. 

If you can, you can at least exclude a short circuit by measuring the impedance between VCC /DATA pins and GND. If you don't have power at all, if you don't have the 3V3, it can be either that it's a short circuit on one of the capacitors or that something went wrong with the chip. If it's a capacitor,  you take it down,  and it might have a small chance to work again. Normally a burned capacitor can be visible optically. 


If the filtering capacitors are fine, then you should think give up on the PMOD if you are not willing to replace the DAC. 


Best regards,


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