CMOD S7 with More Analog Inputs

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The CMOD S7 with at least 4 more analog inputs. If possible, add 6 more analog inputs to bring the total to 8.

The XADC has the channels, the pins are are just not exposed.

In a similar fashion, the CMOD A7 board has 2 analog inputs, but many pins that could be accessed as analog inputs (deferentially, of course) making it reasonable to have several analog inputs to the XADC on the CMOD A7 (both variants, 15 and 35.)

Thanks. James

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I would rather have the mux operation inside the XADC versus the cross talk with external MUX.

That is part of the appeal of the Cora board where so many analog pairs are brought to the header.

For CMODA7 doing this while consuming some pins that would normally be dedicated to digital is fine; but just need more pins on the CMOD S7 for analog inputs.

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