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Can you use Basys 3 as motherboard diagnostics card ?


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Hi @SaltyMathematician,

I suppose this is possible to do with enough work and time put into it; . I'm not familiar with all of the requirements for a motherboard diagnostics card; i.e. are you testing the full speed capabilities of each peripheral present on the motherboard (PCIe, memory slots,  USB 3.0, SATA III, etc.) or just testing that signals propogate? There are probably some pre-made IPs from Xilinx that test these peripherals though Digilent does not have any examples regarding this.

The Basys 3 (which uses a XC7A35T-1CPG236C FPGA) may not be fast enough (you can view it's capabilities in the Artix-7 DC and AC Switching Characteristics datasheet from Xilinx) to perform some of the diagnostic tests. I'm not certain what the end application you are looking for is in this situation, though I might recommend looking into a premade solution unless you are set on creating your own.


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Reality check:

Production ATE equipment => 6+ digit price range

Test lab equipment => 6+ digit price range

Basys 3: Low 3 digit price range

We can state with confidence it will be able to test a "subset" of features :)

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