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Kris Persyn

Uartlite locking behaviour on "read" operation


Hi everybody,

I'm using Uartlite v2.0 on my Zybo z7-20 to receive data from a python script on windows. I'm capable of sending bytes in both directions. However I noticed that whenever I issue a read cmd in my Zybo (SDK), whether it happens through XUartLite_RecvByte or directly on the receive buffer, my program locks unto it untill data becomes available. Is there any way to make it non-locking?


Ps: I'm using Uartlite as a component in the programmable logic

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Writing blocking code to service hardware is easy to do but, as you have found out, is not usually preferred. Waiting for characters from a UART or keyboard are two examples where this might be done as a simple approach. For your project the Xilinx standalone OS SDK provides examples for two methods of handling intermittent UART events without tying up your processor in a non-productive loop;; these are polled and interrupt driven approaches.

Providing example code for hardware servicing is one area where the Xilinx SDK shines and is an excellent way to learn basic concepts.

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