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Using SPI Flash for both config + user data on CMOD S6



Please excuse my rudimentary question. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on how to use the on-board SPI Flash for the dual purpose of storing the FPGA configuration (.mcs) AND storing/accessing user data. The CMOD S6 Reference Manual states that it can be used for both purposes. I have already programmed the .mcs file into the SPI flash. I am curious how the FPGA config data can co-exist with user data on the flash and how the user data is programmed and accessed without interfering with the config data.


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@[email protected],

It sounds like you are working with a MicroBlaze based design, since you mentioned a .mcs file above.  Xilinx provides an AXI QSPI core that you can use for this purpose.

I've personally used my own QSPI driver, and my own CPU.  You can find my CMod S6 project here.  Perhaps it might serve as an example.  To use the QSPI flash, I had one design that I used to program the QSPI flash device  on my CMod S6 with (whatever), and then a second design that would use the flash within the design.  Sadly, the S6 is such a small device, that you really need to be careful with the logic you try to place onto it.  I was pleased to be able to get a "multi-tasking O/S" running on it, although it was only the barest minimal one.  Storing instructions on the flash was key to the success of that project.  You can read about the instruction fetch that I ended up using here if you would like.


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