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Hello everyone
I am working on a project based on Microblaze, which I want to implement later on an FPGA circuit of type CmodA7-35t. My objective is to make the PFGA work under an external power supply and not with USB. I am now looking to find a solution to program the FPGA in Quad SPI Flash mode. On the Digilent references I found the following example:
My question is how I can do it from the SDK since the project includes BLOCK DESIGN in addition to a C application under SDK. I will be very grateful if someone can guide me or direct me to a tutorial.
Thank you so much.

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isn't there a SDK menu option "Xilinx/program flash"? I'm checking this from a Zynq project but I think it looks the same.

Hint, if you run into weird tool issues during the programming process, make sure the Vivado-side hardware manager is not interfering with the device.

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