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Mipi csi subsystem not Initialized


 Hello folks,

I am building Pcam-5c petalinux project. For this we are using Zybo z7-20 board and referring following github link:


Software versions:

Vivado ver. 2017.4
petalinux ver. 2017.4

I am getting following error message in linux boot log.

xilinx-video amba_pl:video_cap: device registered
xilinx-csi2rxss 43c60000.mipi_csi2_rx_subsystem: Xilinx CSI2 Rx Subsystem Soft Reset Timeout!
xilinx-csi2rxss 43c60000.mipi_csi2_rx_subsystem: Xilinx CSI2 Rx Subsystem device found!
xilinx-video amba_pl:video_cap: Entity type for entity 43c60000.mipi_csi2_rx_subsystem was not initialized!

One more thing how initialise ov5640 camera driver in kernel configuration.


Thanks in advance

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