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Analog Discovery Studio - No Device Detected - MacOS



I have an Analog Discovery Studio and when I fire up Waveforms I cannot detect it (no device found).
This is my setup:

MacBook Pro 2017
MacOS 10.14.16
Waveforms 3.12.1

I followed the waveforms installation found at:

The device appears listed in the USB section info as a Digilent USB Device so it is recognized by the OS.
Tried restarting, plugging, unplugging, re-installing waveforms..
In the past I had the EE Board up and running with the same setup.

Any debugging bone you can throw at me?


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Hi @dclock

Did you try installing the driver from the installer DMG?

Could you try the latest beta version? 
This updates the USB libraries for macOS.

Install the dwf.framework form the DMG and try running the following:
$ python /Application/WaveForms.app/Contents/Resources/SDK/samples/py/Enumerate.py

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Hi Attila,

Thanks for the reply,
I installed the beta and the board got recognized immediately!
Loop-back Waveform Generator - Scope works too!

Thank you!


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