Possible to capture with multiple OpenLoggers at once?

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I have a project where I need to sample 12 or more analog channels at high speed.

I was wondering if it's at all possible to use 2 OpenLoggers at the same time so I can have up to 16 channels per sample record?

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Hi @twistedsymphony

WaveForms Live doesn't support concurrent use of multiple OpenLoggers. The best that you can do is to configure and run one device, re-associate the agent with the second, then configure and run that one. Unfortunately there won't be any sort of synchronization between the devices, and you'll have to re-associate the agent if you want to view the chart for each OpenLogger.

You may possibly configure both device to Log on Boot and stream to the SD card. Still, there won't be any synchronization between the OpenLoggers, but you will be able to gather data across your 12 or more channels.

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