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JTAG HS3 compatible IDC ribbon cable....??


Hello....I have a PCB mounted JTAG interface connector which is a 14-pin 2mm pitch Molex P/N: 87832-5622. I want to extend this interface off the PCB with a short 6" length of IDC ribbon cable, but am having a hard time finding a ribbon cable compatible connector that can support the JTAG HS3 interface side. I've contacted both Samtec and Molex directly, but neither had a viable solution. Yes...I can find IDC JTAG cables, but they are either the wrong pitch and/or incorrect gender to interface with the HS3. I can build my own IDC cables if I had the correct connectors which seems to be a very simple task, but has instead proven to be difficult. Please see the attached photo for reference.

Any suggestions....? 

Thanks.....! 8-)



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Hi @Starglow,

We do have a cable that will connect to the host board, https://store.digilentinc.com/jtag-2x7-ribbon-cable/, but it does not have the male header to connect to the JTAG HS3, and all of headers that Digilent sells have a 2.54 mm pitch rather than the 2.00 mm pitch that Xilinx choose for their JTAG integration. I did do a Digikey search (though you are welcome to browse your favorite source for these) for a list of compatible headers that should work in your situation; the only thing I was not able to specify in the search was the 0.5 mm square posts to ensure the pins remain secure in the plastic header.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


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