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Lakshmi Tejas M A

No devices found or another application is using the device



We have two analog discovery 2 devices. both are not able to use it or detect.

  1. One device is not getting detected, and temperature is going upto 50 degree C near usb connection.


2. 2nd one is telling already an device is connected


Please help to solve this issues.

I tried reinstalling the waveforms software, using device fix i programmed still no solutions.




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Hi @Lakshmi Tejas M A

This does not sound good.
Did you perform experiments with high voltage or high inductive loads?

1. Probably some ICs in the device is damaged with short and consuming too much.
2. Try to use it with another computer.

Here you have some troubleshooting tips:


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Hello @attila,

I have tried on different system. it is the same with different computer.

I wanted to know do we have warrenty, so we can repair or replace or support to repair ourselves.

I will check the ferrite bead and other suggesions.

Thank you all the support

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