Analogue Discovery 2


Firstly I would like to say what great product the Analogue Discovery 2 is,  I have used it for 8 months to develop a product. 
It is by far the best PC scope that , I have used. 
Far better than a PICOSCOPE from the UK company PICOSCOPE or any of the Chinese PC scope knock offs.

Analogue Discovery 2 is a serious peice of professional kit and not a toy.

This a summary of all of the useful information I found when working with the  Analogue Discovery 2 for 8 months 

1.  Always use the latest   WaveformsSDK

2.  driver rapper    

3.  C# complete .net  rapper than can be used for as well as C#   

It is possible to take full control of the Analogue discovery 2 using C# or or python or labview. 

4.   C# oscilloscope GUI panel that works and can be used in both and C#
     I have tested this C# plugin and it works really well . 

5.    KICAD PCB tool projects that are very intersting 

    This way you can make your own projects which plug onto the analog discovery 2

6.  General   <<<<--   linux command line interfasce for  AD2 

The question


Will the waveforms SDK every be compiled to work on the  Windows10 ARM64 platfrom.   ??






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I forgot the excel vba rapper project.    This was seriously helpful project to look at .  This a copy of the post with useful information in it.


There is it not possible to use the DWF library with VB6.0 because the DWF library use C-style function calls but VB6.0 expect standard calling convention. There is the order of function parameter different. I had the same problem with Excel VBA. Therefore, a wrapper DLL was written which converts all functions (> 290). This DLL should also work with VB6.0.  

My wrapper DLL, VBA Header file and some Excel VBA examples are available on store of Trenz Electronic: Discovery 2/Analog Discovery based LCR-Meter


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