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New user struggling


I just received my Analog Discovery 2  Systems Kit, nice looking package!

I am trying to capture a display some UART data and I am finding the single signal (D0) display has text over the left-hand end of the display that makes it impossible to read the display. I have attached a screenshot.

There doesn't seem to be any way to remove. Seems like this is an obvious thing to fix but I just haven't figured it out.ad_1.PNG.325190fc242b43bdb2dbee80cfc8499b.PNG

Thanks, Sid

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On 11/26/2019 at 6:24 AM, Sid Price said:

@attila - Thank you

I tried adjusting the timebase but the text remains.

I will try record mode. As I said I am a very new user, the YouTube "tutorials" from Digilent are so bad, they are just the manual being read as far as I can tell. Any URL for some good usage videos for this instrument?

Should really pay attention to what people are saying.....AD2 is a very good unit but its useless if the user cannot operate it nor find reliable instructions or tutorials.

I'm here because of the Tips: issue as well but after looking around and not finding the word "Tip" in the help search. I was dumb founded.  After a hour I realize that the nomenclature is incorrect. 

These are not tips or tool tips in its typical usage. This is a feature that should be named in a manner that defines its function.

Replace Tips with SCR: (System Configuration Requirements):     Once your configuration is acceptable the SCR will be removed.

Tips are FYI's that can be ignored or removed. These are requirements that must be addressed. 

As I stated before

There should be a complete video for each application of Wave form. It should be a step by step tutorial with

Practical Usage:


Scope of Work:



I had to use this guys video to get a practical understanding of what to do and then apply it to Waveform.   Just saying.











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