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4 analog Channel.

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I have an AD2 that I love.

Sometimes I need 4 analog channels... if I buy other AD2 can I have 4 channels in the scope? 

I think not and I need to open 2 apps, if so is there a way that I can get the graph of both and join then on only 1 and take measurements after acquisition?

Or is best to buy a 4ch scope? In this case what is the suggestions around the same price of AD2? 



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19 hours ago, attila said:

Hi @juliosilva

The devices can be controlled from separate WF applications or using custom application or script.

The EExplorer has 4 scope channelshttps://store.digilentinc.com/usb-scopes-instruments-circuits/



It's not bad, but since it's no longer in production I cannot buy, and also the replacement (Analog Discovery Studio) it only has 2 channels also...

I'll buy other AD2 (I was thinking of Open Scope, but I think AD2 will be better), and will try the post's you've sent.



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