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Windows 10, Basys 3 Artix-7 FPGA will not power on


Using Windows 10, my Basys 3 Artix-7 FPGA Trainer Board will not power on. Bought a new USB cable from Digilent and the board still did not power on.

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Hi @owensgd,

I apologize for the delay.

Do you have happen to have a picture of your setup? The other potential problem that I can think of is that the USB cable is being plugged in upside down (I have seen this situation happen multiple times with a Basys 3 in particular); the nubs on the end of the micro USB cable need to be facing upwards when plugging into the board. Additionally, within the micro USB connector itself, the small tab that contains the USB data and power lines needs to be towards the top of the connector for the cable to connect correctly.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


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