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Arty board power..


I’ve just got my new Arty board, the LED demo runs, I plugged a JTAG cable into it and took a look at the hardware via Vivado.. (JTAG cable is a Digilent HS1 RevA).. I’m powering the Arty board over USB.
I’m seeing 4 reference voltages at 0V (as per picture), is that normal?
The power LED is red (LED11) is that normal, I ask because is coloured green on the user manual.
Many Thanks Gra


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Hello Gra

The power LED (LED 11) should be red. In the reference manual is represented wrong.

It is normal that your voltages show 0V because: VCCO_DDR, VCCPAUX, VCCPINT are signals specific for Zynq. Your board is equipped with Artix 7 so that signals are not supposed to show anything. VP_VN does not show anything because is not connected to anything.

Your board is working fine.

Best regards,


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