Hi all,

New to the FPGA world as I was tasked a project to help familiarize myself with the programming and function of how FPGAs work. 

As you can all infer, I am in need of some help on a specific project that I am doing.

I am using a ZYBO Zynq 7000 development board, and Vivado 2019.1. What I am trying to do is control an external sensor, or LED through some user interface. I have seen a lot of tutorials that use the on-board LEDs, and if you press a button, it displays that value in binary in a command terminal. My task that I was to do is be able to turn on and off an external LED connected to the ZYBO through the command terminal. It seems I can connect a simple circuit with a LED and a resistor to the PMOD pins that are power and ground. What the command terminal would let me do is then essentially cut power to that pin, therefore turning the LED off. 

Please let me know if this is probable, and/or how I should task to complete it. 



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Hello @rcjhy8,


Each pmod pin can be individually controlled by using the axi gpio core. This core provides a general purpose input/output interface to the AXI Interface. Trough the AXI interface you can easily control the state of your led. If you want a dynamic control, you have to implement a command  parser on a serial terminal, such as putty or teraterm.   


Best Regards,

Bogdan Vanca

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