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Osciloscope calibration fails.



I cannot calibrate osciloscope. Calibration fails in the first step (connect P and N to GND) with something like "Device is not communicating". I have tried all recommended tips (changing USB, AUX supply, NO LIMITS mode).

Once I have suceeded (and I cannot repeat it), went through calibration procedure and then both probes measured few kilovolts even when connected to GND. Restore to factory values fix it.

Otherwise Analog Discovery works fine 😉.

Thank You for hints.

Best regards



My setup:

Analog Discovery 2 + WaveForms 3.10.9 running on Windows 7 SP1.

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Hi @Ondrej,

Within the WaveForms GUI do you receive the same "Device is not communicating" message if you happen to select other tests (there is a screenshot showing on this particular comment here:

And to confirm, after you restore the factory settings, the device (oscilloscope channels, function generator, etc) all work as expected until you go through the calibration process again? Am I interpreting this correctly?

Additionally to confirm, when you said "both probes measured a few kilovolts...", are you just using the two oscilloscope flywire channels or are you using actual probes via the BNC Adapter?


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Hello JColvin,

since morning, calibration works like a charm.  No "Device is not communicating" anymore, although I believe I do everything the same way as before.


The bad calibration results were caused by my mistake. In the second step (connecting both probes to AWG1) I connected them to yellow (unconnected) cable on BNC adapter board.


I know it is hard to say, but I would be interested in Your oppinion on  "Device is not communicating" behaviour.

Otherwise, it is done for me and I will hapilly keep unsing my Analog Discovery 2.


Thank You

Best Regards


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Hi @Ondrej

The communication error probably was cause by USB contact issue, slightly moving the cable or device had disconnected the device.

You could quickly eliminate the device and circuit offset error with the "Zero offset" from the Options dropdown under Time or separately for each channel under the channel's gear menu.



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