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Mouse wheel zoom in logic analyzer


I'm pleased with the digital discovery but zooming using the mouse wheel in the Waveforms logic analyzer works in the opposite way to virtually every other Windows application. Normally when the wheel is rolled towards the screen it zooms in and when it is rolled back you zoom out but in Waveforms it is the opposite way round. Is there any chance this could be changed. Every time I use the zoom I zoom in the wrong direction first.

Also, does anyone have an example of the code for a custom trace that is the result of a logical expression on other traces? For example "New trace = /CS OR /WR".

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Hi @PhilFriday

The WF beta version adds option to change the mouse wheel direction:



c = rgData.length

for(var i = 0; i < c; i++){
   //           not DIO-0 or not DIO-1
   rgValue[i] = !(rgData[i]&1) || !(rgData[i]&2); 
   // set flag other than zero for valid data
   rgFlag[i] = 1;



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