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I am using zybo Z7-7020 version and trying to use the CAN bus on the PS side.  I am enabling the EMIO such that the TX and RX are landing on the PMOD connector (JC).  I have verified that the bare metal application is working loopback mode.  With an external CAN bus transceiver wired between the zybo board and another CAN bus node.  The other node is sending messages and the zybo board is just waiting to receive the message.  In Vivado I have configured the CAN CLK as such please refer to the attached.

I have change the SDK interrupt example not to send out any CAN bus messages and also changed it to normal mode. Basically just trying to receive CAN messages.  At the moment the receive ISR is not working.  What could I be missing?



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Hi @tahoe250,

Have you taken a look at these three threads (one of them is the same that Notarobot linked to)? I know from these materials the Pmod CAN IP core ended up getting updated to a newer version that correctly gets the Pmod CAN (presuming that is what you using on the Pmod CAN). Additionally, attaching your block design rather the zynq configuration would be more helpful.


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