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DMC60c CAN initialization


Hello, Just bought a DMC60c and trying to get started.  I am not using it with FIRST or robot controls, I want to use a CAN message to control a DC motor. 

I confirmed the DMC60c works with PWM input.  I am now trying to get CAN communication working. 

I am in the automotive industry, I am using ATI Vision with a KVaser Leaf Light to send CAN messages.  From the Documentation it looks like I should send 0x00000240 as a 29bit identifier.  I am sending the message, but DMC60C is alternating flashing Red lights indicating it doesn't see CAN.  To confirm there is CAN I have a Vector VN1630 which I am monitoring the CAN network with it sees the message is being sent.  I attached a block diagram of the layout I have. 

I assume I must misunderstand what or how to send the message to the DMC60c.  Also attached is a screen shot of the message I am sending. 

I have tried sending messages with 4 and 8 bytes of data, sending all 0's and with Device Type 2 and Manufacturer Encoding 6.  Anyway I send I get no indication the DMC60C acknowledges any CAN message. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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The data length should be 0 when transmitting the enumeration message. I don't see a baud rate setting in your screen shot. Please make sure you have it set to 1 Mbaud.


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