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Consequences of clipping the AD2 scope inputs?


In analyzing the signal pictured below, I want to ignore the first few cycles and focus on the remaining cycles.  

I'm using the AD2 scope and Waveforms with the scope input set to 500mV/div where the effective resolution is still on the high setting.  The signal amplitude is adjusted externally to fit the cycles of interest within +/- 2.5 volts to get the full benefit of 14 bit resolution, but this means the initial cycles are clipped and distorted by the AD2 input circuit and the extremes of the A/D range. 

It seems the inputs are well behaved with very fast recovery, and in reading the manual it seems there is no danger in damaging the AD2 inputs possible. (The overdrive is 3 volts at most, and the average time spent in overdrive during repetitive bursts is less than 5% of the test time.)  

My question: Could clipping the first few cycles subtly compromise the A/D accuracy of immediately subsequent conversions of the signal within the A/D range?  It doesn't seem like it does. 

(Using 100 MHz sample rate, and each burst event is < 150 us. )


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